Alternative newspapers are different from regular newspapers in that they look into the stories of local people and their culture rather than cover general news.  Apart from news coverage differences, alternative newspapers also differ from daily newspapers in that their target audience is the younger generation whereas that of daily newspapers is the older generation. You will find a lot of alternative newspapers circulating weekly.  This is the reason why they are also known as alternative weekly newspapers.  Most alternative newspapers are located in urban and metropolitan areas.  In fact, many major cities have at least one alternative newspaper.  Though they can also be found in rural areas and small cities, they are produced less frequently.  Since you will find most of them being released on a monthly basis, they are referred to as alternative monthly newspapers.  This article seeks to educate the reader on alternative newspapers.  Find the best alternative newspapers here:

Alternative newspapers are a bit different from daily newspapers.  You will find most alternative newspapers being handfed out for free, whereas one has to buy a daily newspaper.  Most alternative newspapers sell advertising spaces to earn revenue, unlike regular newspapers which get their revenue from the sale of their content. Most alternative newspapers are willing to feature ads that are not allowed in daily newspapers.  Most of these ads target adults. 


Alternative newspapers are better than regular newspapers in terms of social relationships because they cement stronger bonds with the communities they are located in than daily newspapers. They cement strong relationships through things such as asking the public for their opinions when it comes to ranking different businesses in their area.  Since most alternative newspaper readers are loyal to their newspapers, small business owners are encouraged to advertise with them.  Small business owners also advertise with them because their ad spaces are cheaper than those of daily newspapers. See this site for the best alternative newspapers.

Alternative newspapers are the best option for tourists because they focus on social life. They look at things such as fun activities to do in the city they are located in and best hotels to eat, so you can rely on them if you are vacationing in a new city. If you enjoy the nightlife, these newspapers will show you the best places to have fun.  There is no reason to suffer or second guess your choices when you have the option of getting an alternative newspaper to give you tips on how to best enjoy your time in a particular city. 

Finally, alternative newspapers are entertaining.  Most of them have a section on celebrity news and gossip to keep their young readers engaged.  You get to have fun and learn about new cultures when you get a copy of alternative newspapers.  For more information, click on this link: